We futureproof your innovation.

Managed with care, knowledge is an infinite resource. The ability to look above and beyond, to challenge perspectives and dare to see possibilities in the unknown. To share, exchange experiences and learn from past mistakes – all of this are crucial properties for a progressive company. A company like Independent Inspection Services. We put the word “innovation” to work every day.

Where do we go from here?

The world is simmering with innovation. The human kind is inventive, bold and passionate by nature. Our team is constituted the same way. That is why we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to broaden our expertise with.

This is what makes Independent Inspection Service a potent actor in the fuel business – we are constantly looking forward. We can help you find out if the fuel was a factor when an engine breaks down. If biofuel is an option for your farm vehicles. If biofuel is an option for fleet of trucks. If your nitrogen can serve as fuel. In short; we always make sure that all your components combined is a top-class end product and that your storage of fuel is safe and works. With our shared knowledge, the future looks brighter than ever.

What can we do for you?

We take pride in having a wide variety of services for you to take advantage of. Each and every one comes with the assurance of holding the highest quality that the market has to offer.

Ask us about:

  • Start-up guidance
  • Consultation
  • Quantity measurements
  • Analysis

We innovate:

  • Petroleum

  • Bio fuels

  • Gas

  • Chemicals

  • Agriculture

  • Minerals

  • Solid fuels


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The Independent Inspection Services spectra.

We offer a wide array of services that span from basic maintenance to in-dept analysis of the fuels of tomorrow.

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