Looking after your facilities.

Quality products needs infrastructure that is up to standard. We always look at the bigger picture, and we know that a well tended depot is of equal importance as the product that fills it. We help you un- and off load, take are of security and all communication with the ship. Our expertise makes sure that all your operations connected to the ship is smooth.

Let us do the work.

We know our way around a depot and we are constantly bettering our practices. In the same way that you would not want a stranger in your house – you wouldn’t want one where you keep your fuel reserves.

What can we do for you?

We take pride in having a wide variety of services for you to take advantage of. Each and every one comes with the assurance of holding the highest quality that the market has to offer.

Ask us about:

  • Unloading supervision
  • Pipe supervision
  • Day- to day supervision
  • Maintenance
  • Depot services for Swedish depots

We service:

  • Petroleum

  • Bio fuels

  • Gas

  • Chemicals

  • Agriculture

  • Minerals

  • Solid fuels


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The Independent Inspection Services spectra.

We offer a wide array of services that span from basic maintenance to in-dept analysis of the fuels of tomorrow.

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