We tend to your investment so you don’t have to.

We live in a time where changes comes quickly, and businesses needs to adapt in an equally fast pace. The fuels of today or the fuels of tomorrow, either way you need to be sure that your investment reflects the professionalism of your practice. We have all the tools to analyze your product effectively and meticulously, at any given time.

No compromise.

The quality of your product is as important to society as the quality of our service is to your investment. We put all the effort we can muster into making your experience as smooth as possible. We never see a client contact as a short term relationship, we are always in it for the long run.

We want you to feel that the level of quality that Independent Inspection Services can offer reflects the world class standard that we take pride in every day.

What can we do for you?

We take pride in having a wide variety of services for you to take advantage of. Each and every one comes with the assurance of holding the highest quality that the market has to offer.

* We provide and send for analysis to external lab.

Ask us about:

  • Analysis
  • Certification
  • Verification
  • Witnessing

We analyse:

  • Petroleum

  • Bio fuels

  • Chemicals

  • Gas

  • Agriculture*

  • Minerals*

  • Soild fuels*


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The Independent Inspection Services spectra.

We offer a wide array of services that span from basic maintenance to in-dept analysis of the fuels of tomorrow.

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