We search, make sure and help.

Our services are rigorously selected to fill the present and the future needs that our customers have. We can help you with all the important steps needed to find success in the fuel business; all the way from innovative analysis to accurate inspections and practical depot needs.

A keen eye where and when you need it.

Safekeeping your interests is in our best interest. Whether it is a tanker, a truck or a shore storage tank that need inspecting, we stand readily available to meet your company’s quality- or quantity requirements. We make sure that you’re in control of your cargo at all times and at any time.


We tend to your investment so you don’t have to.

We pride ourselves in being a flexible partner with all the tools required for meeting the demands of a fast paced market.

Our analysis expertise meets- and surpasses all the international standards of the industry, leaving you with a guarantee that your investment lives up to your expectations.


Smooth operation services.

Quality products needs infrastructure that is up to standard. We always look at the bigger picture, and we know that a well tended depot is of equal importance as the product that fills it.

Depot service

What’s next?

The world, as well as the fuel business, is rapidly changing. We know that a lasting enterprise needs to be agile and ready for every sharp turn that the future throws at it.

Independent Inspection Services is ever on the lookout for inspiring co-laborations but even more so – we love to lend our experiences to those who want to make the journey towards a more futureproofed practice.

Consultation, analysis, development. We grow better together.