Our method futureproof the whole circle.

Our methods always put the individual needs of our clients first, simply because we listen to your needs rather than standardizing our services to be one-fit-all solutions. That is the human touch that runs through our company philosophy.

The whole process.

This is us. We are a company with spearhead competence. We see our clients not from what they can generate, but for who they are. We are a company made out of soft values and rock hard expertise. We never accept tasks that we are not confident that we can carry out, but we always strive towards advancing in our field. We are never fully learned, never fully contempt, never service oriented enough and never afraid to see the bigger picture.

We are curious, thorough and personal. We grade, analyze, inspect and maintain to the fullest of our ability, and we always place our clients first. There is always time to listen. There is always room for improvement. That is the philosophy behind our method. That is how we futureproof the whole process.

We inspect, test and analyse.

  • Petroleum

  • Bio fuels

  • Chemicals

  • Gas

  • Agriculture

  • Solid fuels

  • Minerals

The human touch 24/7.

Behind every contact, inspection and analysis there is always a human interaction. We know that a company is a living organism, and as a living organism situations might appear that is out of your control. That is why you need to be sure that there is always a person that listens and acts according to your needs.

Independent Inspection provides services and information with the human touch 24 hours a day all year round.

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