The world is expanding and so are we.

Globalisation is constantly expanding the world. Mobility is an important factor for well-being and prosperity. At the same time society fumble to find a sustainable strategy to meet the demand for fuel. As a leading inspector and analyzer of both petroleum products and biofuels we turn challenges to opportunities and help you futureproof your business.

Policy and code of conduct

Hiring Independent Inspection Services should always be a premium experience for our clients and stakeholders. Our demands towards our employees are as clear as they are strict: every member of the company must always actively participate in- and work for that all assignements will be performed with the highest possible quality.

There shall never be any doubt about our commitment to protect the interests of our clients and stakeholders. We always represent professionalism and integrity.


  • Every interaction with an Independent Inspection Service representative will be professional, humane, friendly and clear.
  • We always live up to our quality system, a “living” system who constantly strive towards improvement. We never stop learning.
  • Continually ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the work we do.
  • Make sure that employees have the proper equipment to live up to above stated ambitions.
  • Provide our employees with the training and education required to perform the task that they will perform.
  • Only accept the assignments we can perform with certainty and have competence for.
  • Strive for thrust and respect among all employees, create team-spirit and ensure that communication and information work.
  • Make sure the working environment is excellent and that the workplace is safe and secure for our employees, thus preventing personal injury.


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